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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Setting up my New Urban Garden.

As my favourite time of the year is just around the corner I need to start thinking about how I am going to arrange my new balcony space. I moved into a new condo a bit further out from the busy hustle of downtown Toronto and as a result I need to replan my urban garden space.
This year I want to focus more on incorporating a few principles of Permaculture into my small balcony garden; methods such as chop & drop.
Using last years plants as shredded mulch is a great way to conserve the amount of water I use and in turn as it breaks down into the soil it helps to condition and feed all my new plants. If you are interested in finding out more about this method I would highly recommend checking out this video on 'Chopping and Dropping' Featuring Val and Eli.

Here is a picture of last years crop shredded and mixed in with scrap pieces of cardboard all set to go as this years mulch.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

What Lurks Beneath The Deep Blue Mist?

What kind of mystical creatures live in the depths of the sea? If you are curious you must watch the BBC documentary 'Blue Planet'?

Otherwise here are some stunning shots of translucent creatures of the deep by underwater photographer Alexander Semenov.


These mysterious creatures have lived on this planet long before we came along, yet they look like our modern day aliens see on screen. Why is that? Have we somehow taken inspiration from them?

If you want to see more of these fascinating little guys check out Alexanders website, as this is just the tip of the work that he has done.

Alexander Semenov Website

Blue Planet On Amazon

Friday, April 27, 2012

A pinch of grass!

I have a very strange obsession with large pegs! I have several wall mounted ones that I can use to pin up ideas and inspiration on a daily basis. One of my favourites that I have is a bright red one from Pottery Barn, which later on got duplicated by Indigo.

Indigo Peg

So when I came across this photograph of an art installation in the  Chaudfontaine park in Belgium by Uysal Mehmel Ali, you can imagine my excitement. 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Exploring the limit of food photography.

Austrian photographer Klaus Pichler bravely explore how far he can push the limits of food photography, and the result is pure art.

Not only do these photographs comment on food waste but it also makes you think about just how much food you let rot.

These images that were once delicious strawberries, oranges and other everyday grocery items are bold and striking amongst other many things.

One Third



This definitely makes me think twice about what I should buy when I do my groceries to minimize unnecessary purchase that may one day end up looking like the above.

Klaus Pichler Website

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bulky Giants To Structural Charms!

How many times have you seen electrical towers that appear to be bulky structural giants, which look completely out of place on grass hillsides and vast empty spaces of land? Only of course one photographer (Steffen Schrägle) can make something so industrial and out of place look ethereal. 

However there is another option, to change the form of the electrical towers to suit the environment around it and mimic the natural aesthetics. A Moscow-based design studio (Design Depot) did just that. They realized a design concept that could potentially solve this visual dilemma by making the towers appear more natural and also they added a touch of character. 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Appree Co—bringing nature into your office!

If you are like me and you fascinated by the wonders and beauty of nature then you are simply going to love 'Appree Co'.

Appree is a company based in Korea that provides a variety of office supplies inspired by the beauty of nature. This product is just one of the ways that you can bring nature into your office.

I am so tempted to buy a set of these post-it notes and create a cherry-blossom collage of notes in my personal office space.

Check out more on Appree

Nature Photography Prints!

Bee-licious Series


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Hidden Wonders Series


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