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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Is It An Area Rug?—Art by Heike Weber

Here is a delicate flora and fauna area rug, Is it perfect for your house?

Well only if you don’t mind having a rug made out of hand squeezed silicone goo by Heike Weber.

She uses strategically flung out lines and hand-rendered plans to make her vision come to life, which enables each piece to invade the vast space and create this unimaginable force.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bonsai Trees, A Living Art Kit

Green plants and flowers are a great way to decorate your office or home. Here is an elegantly understated bonsai tree kit that has clean lines and an industrial recycled steel material packaging, perfect for any modern day interior.

I personally do not have the green thumb, but this would make a great addition to the collection to those that do. The kit includes everything you need to know to grow and sculpt the tree to create a living work of art.

7 New Recently Added To My Etsy Store

Here are the 7 new designs that were recently added to my etsy store.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sept 15th, 5 Great Treasuries

For this weeks 5 chosen treasury lists I decided to go with a theme. I picked the 5 treasuries that I felt had great color co-ordination. Each treasury featured, have really well chosen items and I highly recommend browsing through the independent artists products. You might just find a perfect little gift for a loved one.
[Curator sabahnur]
[Curator 3squares]
[Curator whatnomints]

[Curator myothercloset]

6 Must See Designs By Klaus Burgel

My jaw simply dropped when I came across these designs by Klaus Burgel. If only I could buy each and everyone of his pieces.

Burgel, is inspired by nature and the sensual properties of the artist’s materials, which can be blatantly seen in the way he present his pieces. They are either presented in an unpolished state to show the impoverished appearance of the material, or in it’s utterly brilliant state.

I just love his amazing weighted pendants made out of semi-precious stones and gold.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bike Culture And A Great Storage Solution

Bike culture is a huge thing in Toronto, particularly in the past few years. This is probably due to the current green revolution and trend. So for all those bike lovers out there and other considering about joining in on this bike culture, here is a little nifty gadget for storing your bike in your home or office space.

Cycloc is a stylish and practical wall mount, to hang your bike out of the way. It has a unique shape, which when combined with the weight of the bike helps to lock it instantly in place.

"Wall-mounting your bike wins back floor space and makes other tasks far easier."—Cycloc Web

Monday, September 13, 2010

10 Interior Design Inspiration

Yesterday I went property hunting around Toronto and the outskirts. So I thought this would a perfect time to post about some really great interior designs and office spaces that I love.

I have to admit one of my favorite sites that I check for interior inspiration is Design Sponge! I am sure you all know about this site. So here are a few spaces that I love and found via Design Sponge.