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Friday, August 20, 2010

5 Beautiful YouTube Videos

I think that this is the perfect time to post a few other videos, which I have saved the link of in the past. I saved them for various reasons, but mainly because I thought that they were well designed and thought out.

First Video For RavenWorksCa

Finally I have finished my first flash video that showcases a few of the designs available in my Etsy store.

The concept behind this video is the raven in my logo comes to life, and swoops across the screen back and forth all the while rearranging and presenting each piece. I paired one of the songs that can be found in the ‘Amelie’ soundtrack with this video, as it exudes a very dreamlike and whimsical quality that matches perfectly with the mood of the piece.

As this is my first video, I hope to be able to upgrade and improve on it in the future.

[Via YouTube]

Other Link:

RavenWorksCa Channel

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Up-cycled And Beautiful

Ilanit Neutra creates simply beautiful bags. If you are an environmentally conscious consumer, than her products are right up your alley. Made out of inner tire tubes with individual graphic prints and markings, the ‘Neutra’ products are one of a kind and eco-friendly.

As tires are made from non-recyclable material and cause irreversible environmental damage, up-cycling like Ilanit does helps to promote a better future.

[Via Neutra]

5 Great Treasuries—post3

My Apologies, I am actually a day late in making this post. However here are the next sets of 5 great treasury lists that can be found on Etsy. Each of these curators have selected a great range of products and designs by other talented individuals, that I feel deserves to be brought to your attention. So don’t forget to click on the links to take a closer look.

[Via Filomene]
[Via Happyment]
[Via Caracrass]

Monday, August 16, 2010

2 New Designs Added To RavenWorksCa

2 new designs have been added to RavenWorksCa, which are both part of my current earring series.

This earring is part of my nature inspired series. For this particular piece, Icebergs and the color tones found within was the catalyst.