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Thursday, August 19, 2010

5 Great Treasuries—post3

My Apologies, I am actually a day late in making this post. However here are the next sets of 5 great treasury lists that can be found on Etsy. Each of these curators have selected a great range of products and designs by other talented individuals, that I feel deserves to be brought to your attention. So don’t forget to click on the links to take a closer look.

[Via Filomene]
[Via Happyment]
[Via Caracrass]


  1. Wonderful collections! Thanks so much for including mine :)

  2. Lovely collections! Thank you so much for including mine- There's such great talent out there, and I love digging for 'treasure'...

    Annamaria :)

  3. Lovely indeed! Thank you for including mine :)