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Friday, August 6, 2010

Tea & Coffee Towers + Gary Chang

Gary Chang, a Hong Kong born architect, creates well-designed spaces and products. He is best known for the redesign of his shoebox apartment, which used to house his large family as well.

Small space living is a very common issue within Hong Kong, however Gary Chang exploited the opportunity to develop a unique eco-friendly unit.

With the use of a futuristic sliding wall system, the apartment can now be transformed into 24 different rooms, ‘making the house move’ for him.

[Via YouTube]

Tea & Coffee Towers:

Having lunch at a local Chinese restaurant is a great cultural experience, one that Gary Chang tried to infuse into the ‘Alessi Tea & Coffee Towers’

[Via Alessi, UnicaHome]

The Animal Print Shop

Sharon Montrose, fuses her passion for photography with her love of animals that create beautiful shots featuring baby animals. While not every photographer can capture these animals in interesting and natural poses, Sharon can, making her prints simply divine.

She has established a solid photographic style that makes her one of the most sought-after commercial photographers specializing in animals.

[Via YouTube]

I encourage you to look at her website, for further insight into her work.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hot New Trends and Trend hunter

Trendhunter is a great resource full of past and current trends that are organized into various categories. It is an online database full of inspirational material, which is posted by anyone who signs up to become a trend hunter.

All it requires is for you to write your entry or blurb in a specific format—it is quite easy to figure out, just look at a few published entries.

A new trend hunter that is worth following is Amelia Roblin—with only two trends, she is creating quite a stir.

Here is a direct link to her first ever posting ‘Puzzle Piece Seating’

[Via Trendhunter]

Note her second posting ‘Hovering Hillside Homes’ received 643 clicks within just 16 hours of being published.

[Via Trendhunter]

She has definitely caught the attention of numerous followers and employees within Trendhunter, keep her on your radar as we should expect some great new trends from her.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

5 Great Etsy Treasury Lists + My First Treasury List

Treasuries are a list of item found on Etsy that have some sort of theme to them, and is a great way to compile together similar features, colors and ideas.

Here are the 5 great Etsy treasury lists I came across:
[Via Curator bijoumystique]
[Via Curator CicaleTdesigns]
[Via Curator studiocecil]
[Via Curator efiwarsh]
[Via Curator ThisYearsGirl]

This is my first treasury list that I have put together of other sellers items that are just gorgeous. The theme that I chose to concentrate on was 'Oval Passion'
[Via Curator RavenWorksCa]

3 New Reasons To Check Out Etsy

Etsy has been around for a long time and is the leader in unique handcrafted products. Is it passe? Has it past its prime? These are the two main questions everyone asks. I personally don't think that etsy is passe, I think the problem is that there are so many sellers, it is difficult to know where to start looking for the product that you want.

There are just too many beautiful things to choose from, so where do you start?
- search by topic eg. Organic
- search by colour
- Check out handpicked items

Here are three new reasons in my opinion to check out Etsy again:

- It is a great place to test market a new business that you want to set up—reasonable posting costs and monthly sales commission.

- Great way to find new talent and craftsman

- An alternative to generic products you find in malls and stores

There are also three new reasons to check out my etsy again, below is the reason why:
There are so many jewelry sellers on etsy now, who are all so talented but how do you choose a great piece that will be timeless—one that you can add to any wardrobe? This is something that I am concerned with when I invest in a beautiful piece of jewelry.

Here are a few key things that I look out for:

- I usually want something very distinctive and different, not necessarily one of a kind but unique

- I generally want something that generates conversation, even over coffee

- A piece that is well designed

- Something that does not rust and can easily be cleaned to return to its pristine state

What do you look out for?