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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bright Pink and Beaming

Today is another incredibly hot and sweltering day in Toronto, but great for taking photos. So hopefully when I have made more pieces, I will be able to take some fun shots of them. As for this very random post, I have decided to show you guys a picture of a very interesting product I found on my discovery and learning the skills of metal work.

Here is a product called Kool Jool, it is an insanely bright goopy pink. It is designed to protect certain semi-precious stones during the soldering and heating process. I took a picture to post up for you guys when I was using it for the first time.

I was lucky enough the first time that I applied it properly and did not burn my stones, however I did fail on soldering the joint I wanted as I was being very cautious of the stones.

Note: The pink goop gets everywhere, and it is a very messy process. I however don’t mind getting a little down and dirty.

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